INFRASTRUCTURE Details of land & building at the Institute

1Total accommodation (Sq. Meters) Available /required for the whole institute as per NCVT norms9618.00 Sq. Mts
2Area available in the institute for office and other facilities
Description Required as per NCVT NormsAvailable in the InstituteRemarks(mention shortage if any)
Principal Office 15-2017.39
Office 4 per clerk25
IT Lab6079
Area available in the institute forWorkshop & Class Rooms:
Name of the TradeMaximum No. of Units in One shift onlyWorkshopCLASS ROOMS
Required as per NCVT Norms

(In Sq. Mts)
Actually Available

(In Sq. Mts)
ShortageJanuary 25, 1900Actually Available

(In Sq. Mts)
Shortage( If any)
Draughtman (Civil)1114116.83Nil3023.35_
Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)1210270.1Nil3042.85Nil
Welder (Gas and Electric)18080.6Nil3028.881.12
Computer Operator and Programming Assitant17078.68Nil3035.68Nil
Driver Cum Mechanic (Light Motor Vehicle)15656.4Nil3027.352.65
Stenographer Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)14854.99Nil3027.352.65
Textile Wet Processing1104104.65Nil3034.45Nil
Note:- For Existing old affiliated institutions relaxation upto 10% in space norms is permissible as per DGT Instructions.