This Institute was establish in February 1962 and housed in Bilaspur. It was one of the Institute out of Seven which was allocated from Punjab in 1971. In addition to this the IMC of this Institution has been constituted vide Notification No.EDN(TE)A(2)1/96-LOOSE dated 21 /5/2004 in which 10 Nos of Person including Industry 5 Nos. of Industries Partner has been notified under the chairmanship of Sh.S.S.Sodhi General Manager Ambuja Cement Darlaghat Distt.Solan and the Industrial Training Institute.

The Institute has been upgraded as Centre of Excellence (COE) under I.T. Sector vide letter No. STV(IT)HF(7)2/NCVT/03-COE-Vol-II-14271-74 dated 06.06.2006 and I.T.I. (Women) Shimla has been upgraded into Centre of Excellence under VTIP Scheme vide letter No. STV(TE)ITI/COE/Purchase-/2009-34623-625 dated 25.01.2009

The Institute( Industrial Training Institute Bilaspur) has started MES (Moduler Employable Scheme) w.e.f. 14.03.2011 with 5 Sectors i.e. Automobile, Electrical, Garment Making, Electronics and Information & Communication Technology to provide vocational training to school leavers, existing workers, I.T.I. graduates, etc. to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Govt., Private Institutions and the Industry. Existing skill of the person can be tested and certified under the scheme in accordance with the instructions of the DGE&T Govt. of India.